3 Benefits Of A Rheem Prestige Series Air Conditioning System

Selecting a new air conditioner for your home is of the utmost important not only for your comfort, but also where your bottom line is concerned. Those who want to ensure the best of both worlds should look no farther than the Rheem Prestige Series Air Conditioning System. This article will explain why, by outlining three key features you will find on this excellent unit by Rheem.

Inverter-Driven Cooling

Rheem Prestige Series Air Conditioners utilize cutting-edge inverter technology to respond to your cooling needs. The inverter allows the speed of the fans inside of your home to sync up perfectly with the speed of the compressor. This allows the air flow into and out of your home to be perfectly equalized, thus promoting quick and even results.

More Comfort

Another key aspect of a Rheem Prestige Series Air Conditioner is that it offers variable-speed operation. This means that the unit can more fully and quickly adapt to the conditions inside your home. It also greatly reduces the occurrence of hot and cold spots. By allowing the fan to continue running at lower speeds, the variable-speed function creates better circulation and temperature optimization.

Less Chance Of Compressor Problems

Rheem Prestige Series air conditions contain Copeland Scroll compressors that have achieved a somewhat legendary stature in the air conditioning world. This is due to their unparalleled ability to provide both efficiency and durability. You see, compared to other types of compressor, a Copeland Scroll compressor contains as many as 70% fewer moving components. This makes it operation especially smooth, while greatly reducing the number of places where problems cold occur. The result is an air conditioner that will run a much smaller risk of breakdowns as time goes on.

For more information about how a Rheem Prestige Series air conditioner can benefit you, contact the experts at Gus HVAC.

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