3 Ways A Wireless Thermostat Can Save You Money

Saving money on heating and cooling costs is a never-ending endeavor, especially during the winter months. Constantly adjusting vents, messing with the thermostat, putting on more layers can all get exhausting just in vain of saving some money on the monthly bills. Switching over to a wireless enabled thermostat can save you a lot of stress and money. Here are three reasons why.


The weather can be completely random especially in certain areas. It is often hard to predict when you are going to need to warm up the house when a cold front comes in or cool it off with a surprise heat wave. Keeping your pipes warm can also become a concern with unpredictable weather. Wireless thermostats and their companion applications can let you know when it gets too warm or too cold and you can save yourself from costly disasters and unexpected weather.


Having more control over your system will ultimately save you money. Being able to set your thermostat to a schedule is sort of old news though. Wireless thermostats offer the opportunity to change your settings remotely with your smart phone, laptop and other devices. That way you can have the house warmed up for when you arrive or maybe you forgot to switch the settings before you left. No worries. You can change it and you don’t have to worry about racking up a huge bill while you’re away at work or wherever.

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Modern wireless thermostats off the opportunity to monitor your usage before the bill comes in. Maybe you want to budget your energy usage for the month but it can be hard to tell without the actual numbers in front of you. This solves that issue and you can keep energy costs low and under control. More knowledge gives you more power and more money in your pocket.

Ultimately, in the age of technology there are tons of ways to save money. Upgrading to a wireless thermostat is a no brainer if you’re looking to find some extra dollars in the budget to have some fun. We recommend a Rheem wifi enabled thermostat. They are affordable, easily installed, and offer a ton of options with an intuitive design. Get in Contact with Gus HVAC in Canton, Georgia to discuss getting it all setup today.