AC Maintenance is Key to Ensure Drain Line Doesn’t Clog

Drain Line- Canton, GA

Water leaks are not only frustrating but can also lead to the significant
damage to your once beautiful home. Problems can occur when your drain
line gets clogged by either mold, dirt, insects or any other material. As
a result of these clogs, water can go back into your home. Moving water
will destroy both the wall and foundation of your house. Even if you have
a secondary draining line, you may notice that it is also not functional
because of the clogging effect. The other probable reason for the clogging
could be dirt in the evaporator coil. When dirt mixes with the water and
then falls on the pan, it will clog the drain. Therefore seeking for an
expert from Gus HVAC to help in cleaning the air conditioner will be the
best thing you can do at such as time.

On the other hand, the drain pan may have rusted hence resulting to
damage. To remedy this, you will have to replace it as soon as possible.
For instance, if your air conditioner is new, the problem may result from
improper installation. This prevents the condensate from having the water
drained in an appropriate manner. The water will build up and then
overflow into the home resulting into more damages over time. Examination
of the condensate trap will be necessary so that if there is a problem,
then you have to fix it as required in good time. When you inspect the air
conditioner more frequently, you will tell where the source of the problem

Why should you inspect your air conditioner frequently?

When you undertake frequent inspections and maintenance services on your
air conditioner, you increase on its efficiency. By close examination, the
air conditioning professional from Gus HVAC will notice where problems are
likely to arise and correct on the same. In addition to that, you will
help reduce the risk of frequent breakdowns for the air conditioner as
opposed to leaving it for years without checking it. Proper maintenance
of your air conditioner increases its useful life. Contact Gus HVAC for
your air conditioning maintenance appointment today.

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