Allergy Season Tips

Springtime is allergy season in Canton, Georgia and elsewhere. I think almost everyone knows that. The question is: what can be done to avert some of the problems that pollen and these other irritating things cause?

Several pointers are in order. First, make sure your home air filter is replaced often, and your air conditioning system is functioning properly. A call to your local heating and air service is a good move. They can tweak and tune-up your system so that you have cleaner and cooler air amid your home or office.

Keeping cool helps reduce the physical signs of allergies, such as puffy eyes and facial troubles. It’s true! Wearing a hat also aids in this, as it helps keep pollen and other problem substances from settling upon your head and body.

By the same token, wear sunglasses to keep the eyes clean and clear, and gently wash or rinse them a few times a day. Wearing a mask outdoors is also a great idea, to keep the nose and lungs clear, when you must leave the confines of your filtered air conditioned home.

It also pays in terms of health to dry your clothes inside, versus out on a clothes line where they pickup irritants. If you have a dryer, use it! Common sense, right?

If you will follow these simple tips, you will function much better during allergy season. Give your Gus HVAC team a call today, and also implement these other simple practices. Life will then become much more bearable for you during this time of the year.