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Higher SEER Rating air conditioners for better life

What is a SEER Rating? Have you heard of SEER? It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The energy rating that is applied to air conditioning equipment is a measure of how well the air conditioner utilizes energy to produce cooled air. The SEER represents the ratio of the amount of cooling divided by the […]

The Importance of Air Conditioner Filters

Air Conditioner Filters Air conditioner keeps the atmosphere of your house clean and fresh. There is a filter that is a fine mesh situated just below the front board through which the air flows. The main work of this filter is to trap the dust thus making the air dust free. It protects the house […]

Benefits Of an Upgraded SEER Air Conditioner

Carrier SEER Air Conditioners A 16 seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) air conditioner is what you need in your home. The air conditioner is super-efficient and is fitted with sensitive cooling controls to ensure you are comfortable in your home all day long and the night. The 16 seer air conditioner is ideal for your […]

Benefits of Air Conditioning Replacement

Air Conditioning Replacement- Alpharetta, GA As the summer months approach, it’s time to use your air conditioning system. Besides dialing down the heat, an ideal AC unit allows you to maintain a soothing/comfortable temperature within your home or office. Sometimes there are times when your AC unit will malfunction. Perhaps, the unit has encountered certain […]

Don’t ignore Air Conditioning Problems

Alpharetta Air Conditioning Repair Are you presently residing in Alpharetta, GA and experiencing some problems with your air conditioning unit? Do you have an AC unit in Alpharetta, GA that is not working properly? Don’t ignore air conditioning problems because you will not only suffer from the cost of repair, but end up being tortured […]

Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues

Alpharetta Air Conditioning On a hot summer day, the first thing that you may do, once you reach home, is to turn on your air conditioner (or just AC) to get rid of immense heat. The air conditioner is must if you live in Alpharetta, Georgia because its not just hot but humid also. Just […]

Understand the Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Alpharetta Air Conditioning Maintenance   Air conditioning maintenance is important to avoid routine breakdown of the air conditioner. In order to keep the air conditioners operating effectively they need to be checked frequently. Regular air conditioning maintenance will ensure that the system does not suffer malfunction during summer. Air conditioning maintenance is important as it […]

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Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Alpharetta GA The heat is on and everyone wants to be under the shade and comfort of air conditioners. It is seen that the summer months seem to pass well if you have a well-maintained and well-serviced air conditioner. Air conditioners are of various brands but they need to be maintained well in […]

Replace your air conditioning system with a more efficient model

Alpharetta Air Conditioning Replacement Certain air conditioning system behaviors indicate the need air conditioning replacement. You may notice the quality of its service has gone so low and you experience some of these signs. Replacement Indicators 1. There is always too much humidity in the house. 2. Some rooms get too cold while others get too […]

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Air Conditioning Replacement

Does your air conditioning unit seem to run constantly? Are your energy bills insanely high? Is your home or office air quality mediocre at best? Is the system old or antiquated? It just may be that your Canton or North Georgia building could be in need of air conditioning replacement. Spring is a great time […]