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How to Make Sure Your AC System is Sized Correctly

Air Conditioning System – Canton, GA The size of your air conditioning unit is important for properly cooling your home and ultimately saving you precious energy and costs. There are many factors that affect this including the size of your home, your home’s measurements and structure, and the local climate. The Size of Your Home […]

Programmable Thermostats Save Energy

Energy Savings – Canton, GA Programmable thermostats save energy and are a great asset to your heating and air conditioning system, in Canton or elsewhere. In fact, the proper usage of programmable thermostats can save a typical family $150 to $200 per year. In today’s economy, that’s nothing to laugh about. In addition, when set […]

EcoNet Control Center For Comfort & Savings with HVAC System

Rheem Experts – Canton, GA Temperature fluctuations on a cold day are one of the main problems with keeping a home consistently cozy. If you are tired of being either stifling warm or chilled to the bone, then you might want to install an EcoNet Control Center for your home’s HVAC System. And cozy consistency is […]

Introduction to HVAC Air Flow Diagnosis

Canton Heating Experts Are you having trouble keeping warm in the winter inside your home? Are some parts of your home too warm while others are too cold? You may think the problem is your furnace, but it might not be. Let Gus HVAC perform an air flow diagnosis and see what’s happening to your heating system’s […]

AFUE—What It Stands for and How It Affects Your Heating Efficiency

What Does AFUE Stand for related to Furnaces? AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is the standard rate of measurement for determining the efficiency of heating equipment including furnaces and boilers. By order of the Federal Trade Commission a device must display its AFUE rating so that consumers can accurately determine the effectiveness of […]

Do I need a load calculation completed?

If you’re updating your home’s heating and cooling equipment, your licensed technician at Gus HVAC might ask if you’d like him to complete a “load calculation.” HVAC Canton GA Here’s some important reasons why you should have a load calculation completed. Measurements If your new unit is too large or too small, it will fail to properly […]

Thermostats add Comfort to your Home

How can a programmable thermostat save you money New Thermostats for homes are designed to maintain a specific temperature you set by automatically turning on the air conditioning or the heating system. As a result, your home is always comfortable, and you have complete control of the temperature in every room. With a programmable thermostat, […]

Air Conditioning Maintenance Advice

Air conditioning maintenance You will feel absolutely miserable due to the heat. To have a cooling unit in your house could actually make life more bearable. Keep a regular check for your Air conditioning units to have peak functioning. Here are some maintenance tips which consumers must be aware of. You AC units can be […]

HVAC: Federal Tax Credit

Money savings with a tax credit A tax credit can offer you major savings. It can reduce the amount of the tax that you need to pay for the different types of the expenditure including the energy cost. You just need to have an adequate knowledge to know the exact amount of the savings and […]

Energy savings benefits of ductwork repair for your home

Ductwork Repair saves you money The ductwork of your air conditioning system is the collection of tubes that are responsible for distributing the cooled or heated air to all the rooms of your home. It also plays a crucial role in providing you complete comfort in your home by cooling it in summer and heating […]