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Heating Repair Tips

Cracked Heat Exchanger – Alpharetta Heating Dealing with a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace/HVAC unit near Alpharetta? You have our sympathy, and now some advice. One heating repair tip you should know is that faulty heat exchangers are nothing to play with. The problem needs to be addressed in a timely manner. Why? Cracked/Faulty […]

How to achieve better heat pump performance

Heat Pumps – Alpharetta The inner workings of heat pump can be improved during winter by taking certain maintenance measures. Heat pumps are one among the most efficient heating device which produces almost three times larger heat than the energy it consumes. It maintains a temperature level inside the house during winter and pumps out the […]

Why a HVAC tune up is very important this fall season

Alpharetta GA HVAC Tune-Ups Fall season  is just around the corner as summer is folding itself up giving way to fall. Question is; how is your furnace? You will need that part of your home’s HVAC system to be up-to-date ready for the temperatures to fall as they surely will start doing in just a very […]

Introduction to HVAC Air Flow Diagnosis

Canton Heating Experts Are you having trouble keeping warm in the winter inside your home? Are some parts of your home too warm while others are too cold? You may think the problem is your furnace, but it might not be. Let Gus HVAC perform an air flow diagnosis and see what’s happening to your heating system’s […]

Rheem Heat Pumps: A Closer Look

Rheem Experts Rheem is a trusted name in heating and cooling and offers several models of heat pumps. All Rheem heat pump models offer quiet operation, rust-resistant components, outstanding curb appeal, and ease of installation and maintenance.  So how can you decide which one is best for you? Looking at the differences between Rheem Heat Pumps helps […]

AFUE—What It Stands for and How It Affects Your Heating Efficiency

What Does AFUE Stand for related to Furnaces? AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is the standard rate of measurement for determining the efficiency of heating equipment including furnaces and boilers. By order of the Federal Trade Commission a device must display its AFUE rating so that consumers can accurately determine the effectiveness of […]

The Benefits of Having Your Heating System Tuned Up

HVAC Maintenance Odds are, unless your home’s heating system is having problems it’s probably not something you’re thinking about very much. But as we move into the colder months of the year, having your system tuned up is something that would be a good idea to consider. Ideally, you should schedule a tune-up for your […]

Which should you choose: Rheem Gas Furnaces when you want the best

Purchasing a new gas furnace is a big investment. You want a high-quality furnace that is known for efficiency and reliability. Here are some reasons why a Rheem Gas Furnace is right for you. Efficiency The Rheem Prestige Series has an up to 96% AFU Modulating ECM Motor. Why does this matter? The higher AFU percentage on […]

Ductless Heating System

Advantages of ductless heating Ductless heating systems from Mitsubishi are highly efficient products expertly designed to deliver warm air directly into different rooms in your home, office buildings, restaurants, and other establishments. Unlike the conventional heating system, with Mitsubishi ductless heating system you do not have to route the air first through the ducts. Highly […]