Programmable Thermostats Save Energy

Energy Savings – Canton, GA

Programmable thermostats save energy and are a great asset to your heating and air conditioning system, in Canton or elsewhere. In fact, the proper usage of programmable thermostats can save a typical family $150 to $200 per year. In today’s economy, that’s nothing to laugh about. In addition, when set and adjusted correctly, they help maintain an even more comfortable environment at a lower cost each month.

The idea is to keep the programmable thermostat set at its energy saving levels for extended periods of time. Understand, you can and sometimes will override the system to quickly cool or heat an area, but these adjustments won’t change the pre-set energy saving points you initially set. (You should not override or hold the system consistently, this will cause inefficiencies.)

These pre-set points or levels are particularly ideal for at night when you are in bed sleeping, while you are away at work or school, or especially if you are gone for several days or so on vacation. Typically, these time periods are an excellent chance to keep the temperature set 4 to 8 degrees different than during prime-time home hours.

The fact is that these programmable thermostats and related systems are a great deal. Many begin to heat or cool at a certain setting, but some units with “adaptive recovery” features constantly calculate within themselves to reach certain temperatures at specific programmed times. Amazing!

If your home or building has various different temperature zones, by design, multiple programmed setback thermostats are needed for each different zone. This increases comfort and saves money on energy bills.

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By and large we highly recommend programmable thermostats for saving energy and cash, and believe it is a great idea to look into having them installed, as well as compatible units when needed. Contact your local Canton HVAC professional at Gus HVAC before the highest heat of summer arrives!