How to Make Sure Your AC System is Sized Correctly

Air Conditioning System – Canton, GA

The size of your air conditioning unit is important for properly cooling your home and ultimately saving you precious energy and costs. There are many factors that affect this including the size of your home, your home’s measurements and structure, and the local climate.

The Size of Your Home – HVAC System

The size of your home is the most important factor in determining your unit’s necessary size. Having a unit that is correctly sized and has the proper amount of power for your home’s square footage can save you both money and comfort.  While the best method for figuring this out is having a contractor check out your home and determine what you actually need, a general rule is that one ton of air is required for every 400 square feet of your home.

Home Measurements for AC System

This is often the more complicated part of determining the right system. The size of your windows, the shape of your rooms, the amount of insulation, and exposure of your home all have an effect on your air conditioner’s efficiency. Having a contractor examine your home and help you decide based on the measurements is the most precise method for determining what you need.

Local Climate for HVAC System

The local climate is crucial in determining what system you need. Hotter climates, like Georgia, will need a properly sized air conditioning unit to properly pull out the right amount of moisture and cool your home efficiently.

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Ultimately, efficiency is the name of the game here and having a properly sized unit can save you money and comfort. For more information on this topic, please review the Rheem website here or if you’re interested in having a contractor do a study of your home and help you pick out the right unit, you can contact us here.