HVAC Maintenance Checklist

HVAC Maintenance Alpharetta GA

Fall is almost here, and your HVAC system in Alpharetta needs a checkup. No one wants a heating unit failure in late fall or winter, right? Your HVAC unit needs a checkup/tune-up in autumn. Why? It is all about comfort, health, utility costs, and HVAC costs.

If your Alpharetta HVAC system is not functioning efficently, it is not effectively maintaining the correct temperature, may not be properly filtering your indoor air, is costing you a bundle in excess utility bills, and is wearing itself out way too soon. A checkup and adjustment prevent all of this; that is a fact. This is true on both sides of the equation, heating and air conditioning.

Alpharetta HVAC Maintenance Checklist

What is typical for a fall HVAC maintenance checkup? Easy. One last look at the cooling is usually done, and (of course) the heating unit. Thus, system thermostats and settings must be examined, all moving components should be lubricated; all condensation drains, pans, tubes, and piping must be looked at; blower components are checked, coils are cleaned, and all controls should be examined.

Heating Checklist

For heating (the important part at this time of year) all gas or oil connections, pressures, the burner, and the heat exchanger should be studied and worked on, in addition to the simple act of changing filters. This unit will be in high gear very soon. It must be in tip-top condition. Right?

The furnace is tricky, it must be evaluated each year to assure no fires or other safety hazzards will arise. In addition, who in their right mind wants to risk an undetected gas leak being present? No one!

HVAC Specialists/ Alpharetta – Gus HVAC

Contact Gus HVAC, your local Alpharetta HVAC Specialist for a fall HVAC maintenance checkup soon! Call Gus HVAC at 770-720-8222.  Get winterized early in the fall. The peace of mind alone is worth it, in addition to your health, comfort, and long-term cost-savings!