Importance of Furnace Tune Ups

Home, your own private space to do whatever you want to, a place to kick back and relax or hang out with your friends and family.  It is our own sacred space where we feel completely comfortable and safe.  Occasionally, we try to ensure that our homes are well maintained, but do we really cover all aspects in terms of maintenance?

Sometimes we miss out a few things on the checklist due to our lack of technical knowledge. A regular furnace tune-up is often ignored by a majority of people which is a huge mistake as it can have serious consequences.

Here are a few reasons emphasizing the importance of furnace tune ups:

1. Ensures proper working of the furnace while making you aware of any faults present within the furnace itself which helps with a time to time replacement of any defective/damaged parts.
2. Check to see whether electronic circuits inside the furnace are maintained, corrosive, damaged or faulty circuits can cause a wide range of problems (including fire hazard).
3. Regular checks must include carefully adjusting the combustion gases, disproportionate amounts of gas intake carries the risk of being a fire hazard.
4. During the combustion process, Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced, this gas is colorless, odorless and is highly poisonous, precautions must be taken to avoid any accidents involving CO.
5. To avoid any surprise appliance failure one must regularly check furnaces, a surprise failure can cost a lot. Better to call a professional to help before such situations arise, moreover you would have to pay a lot more for emergency services (what if you have to call him on a Sunday, imagine their holiday-charges!).
6. A clean furnace is always better than an unclean one. Clean filters and a debris free blower-wheel are a few steps in increasing the life of your appliance while assuring that they work more efficiently.
7. Check to see if vent systems are open, check for blockage and/or any leakage, check to see if there is water in the trap and everything is air-tight. This would help in making your appliance safer (avoids over-heating).
8. The burner needs a regular check-up to ensure proper working, proper ignition, burner flame is as per required standards.
9. Gas-pressure and temperature testing is very important as it may damage the furnace mechanism or more. 10.Regularly tuning your furnace not only improves your safety, it also stops any further damage to it. Also it helps you take any additional preventive steps to avoid hazards of any nature.

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