The Important of Servicing Your HVAC Unit After Storm Damage

Your HVAC unit was built and installed to handle a certain amount of punishment due to inclement weather and even hail damage, to some degree. However, you should definitely call your service technician at Gus HVAC after a heavy storm. While the outside of your unit is built to withstand storms, particles and debris might have gotten inside. This could cause many problems and ultimately, the failure of the unit.

Possible Damage

For instance, if one of the fan blades inside the unit takes on damage from hail, it could cause the blade to wobble and become unbalanced. The long-term effect of this would cause your unit to malfunction and drastically cut down on its lifespan.

Another possible problem that could arise is that debris could be thrown into the unit during the storm that knocks a copper line loose. While you might not notice it right away, as it isn’t readily visible to the untrained eye, it could cause your refrigerant to leak out, causing your unit to function improperly.

Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of

In many cases, any damage sustained by your HVAC unit may be covered by insurance. However, since insurance agents are not HVAC professionals, they may not know all the underlying damage to your unit. Without a proper assessment by a professional, you might be told the damage is only cosmetic.

To prevent this from happening to you, call us Gus HVAC. We’ll be happy to access any possible storm damage and get you up and going in no time. Contact us today!