Indoor Air Quality Suggestions

IAQ Alpharetta – Dealing with Allergies

Indoor air quality is important, so we propose to provide indoor air quality suggestions for your Alpharetta home. These Alpharetta air quality tips should help control pesky fall allergies and other environmentally induced respiratory ailments, and even make breathing easier.

HVAC Systems – Indoor Air Quality

Of course, a solid and efficient HVAC system is needed for good indoor air quality. That is a given, as heating and air systems also serve to clean and dehumidify the air in homes and buildings. Thus, it is important to have an up-to-date unit that is serviced and maintained on a regular basis. However, there are also several simple things that you can do to keep-up a cleaner indoor air environment.

Simple Indoor Air Suggestions for Alpharetta

There are a number of simple things that can be done to improve your indoor air quality in Alpharetta or elsewhere. Anyone can do these things. One is to keep the floors of the home clean. Grit, dust, dander, trash, stuff from the yard, moisture, and other things are constantly stirred-up into the air you breathe. This causes allergies, especially in the fall.

Secondly, do not allow smoking of any type inside. As common sense as that seems, you might be surprised at how many people still smoke or allow smoking indoors, which is awfully bad for the smoker and anyone else in the building.

Maintaining the proper humidity level is also important. If the air is too moist, fungus, mold, and mildew will form – in turn these cause harm to humans and pets, as well as allergies. Keep your windows closed! Also, try contacting a local HVAC company to see about some type of extra dehumidifying system.

Lastly, another suggestion for better indoor air quality is to avoid, as much as possible, using or storing chemicals inside. These things do damage to lungs and furnishings.

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