Inspect Furnaces for Potential Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Alpharetta GA – Carbon Monoxide Safety

You should get your furnace checked, cleaned and/or replaced at least twice a yearly. This is essential because if the furnace is not running on its peak performance, it can be deadly. Almost every gas furnace produces some carbon monoxide as a natural byproduct of incomplete combustion, but is carried away by the furnace venting. A dirty furnace, which burns inefficiently produces a deadly amount of carbon monoxide. Also during winters the heat exchanger might get cracked and start leaking this undesirable gas into your home. Carbon monoxide when ingested causes dizziness, disorientation, flu- like symptoms and in extreme cases even death.

Newer furnaces have lots of additional features, one of which is to force a shut down when a problem is detected, but no such provision is present in the old gas furnaces. So for an old furnace, it is very important to get it checked and cleaned routinely.  Overtime these furnaces develop small cracks which are undetectable to the naked eye and they keep leaking carbon monoxide without our knowledge or notice to our homes.

Furnace Maintenance Advice

Here are a few pointers which can help you:

  • Change the furnace filter regularly. It helps the furnace burn efficiently and keeps the dust off your homes.
  • Keep the area around the furnace clean and unobstructed.
  • Always keep in mind that the burner area of the furnace must be kept clean. One should never have any combustible material within six feet of the furnace. Needless to say it is very dangerous.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary heat build up in the furnace. Do not close more than two out of ten registers at your home, it may cause high resistance leading to unnecessary heat build up.
  • If your furnace requires lubrication, see to it that a qualified heating technician visits your home at least once a year to do the needful.

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