Keep Your Cool on the Second Floor of your Home

Keep your cool in Alpharetta

Summer is on the verge with climbing temperatures, and you don’t want
another repeat of last year’s bipolar climate. Considering Alpharetta
Georgia’s hot, humid weather in the summer you’d rather freeze than burn
up inside your sweltering house. You don’t understand what happens in the
summer. All you know is that your first story is cool and pristine while
the second story is a hot mess. So what’s going on? How can you make your
house the perfect summer oasis?


There are a number of simple solutions that will cool both your escalating
temper and the temperature inside. In all honesty, the problem may simply
be your thermostat. Normally on the first story of your house, your
thermostat normally only monitors the temperature on that one floor. This
could mean your second floor is going by unnoticed, creating a real thorn
in your side. For better circulation of your air conditioning you could
simply set your fan to ‘on’ instead of ‘automatic.’ However, if you’re
looking for a better solution to alleviate your worries, you may want to
look at installing an additional HVAC system for the second floor.

Zone System

Another option is a zone system. An HVAC dual-zone system could help
maintain an adequate temperature on both floors. There are some ups and
downs to having this system installed. Only you can decide if a switch is
truly worth it for those hot summer days in Georgia. As a pro, Gus HVAC
believes that adding a zone HVAC system can reduce maintenance costs and
can make it much easier to filter ventilation in your home. You also have
an option of controlling both zones with one master panel instead of going
up and down your stairs continuously. On the downside, if one zone goes
down, there could be no air circulation for both zones of your house. This
system can also be difficult to estimate costs when you have upstairs

If you find yourself in misery during the long days of summer, you can try
any of these methods. Consider first talking with Gus HVAC – a local
Alpharetta heating and cooling company. They can give you cost-effective
suggestions to try that may work. They will be able to tell you if your
current equipment is outdated or the settings are off. Keep your cool this
summer by cooling down that second floor!

Contact Gus HVAC for your home’s air conditioning analysis today.

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