Three Benefits of Light Commercial Split Systems

Light Commercial Air Conditioning Canton, GA

Split system heat pumps are becoming more common for commercial use. And that popularity comes with good reason.

Here are three benefits that you can experience by using a split system heat pump.

1. Save Money

Because these systems are smaller, they use less power. And after only a short time, that can save you money. Split heat pumps also directly heat specific rooms. Instead of paying to heat rooms that are unoccupied, you can target the air to one zone. Once again, this can save you money on your utility bill.

Another way to save money with this system is through government funding. Some businesses may be eligible for rebates and taxes due to their use of split system heat pumps.

2. Improve Air Quality

Typical HVAC systems use filters to catch allergens and debris. But those filters need to be removed and replaced regularly. As they near the end of their life, those filters can hurt your building’s air quality. But a split system heat pump uses a filtration system that always keeps your air quality high. The air is filtered several times as it travels through the system, and it comes out with fewer harmful particles.

3. Environmentally Friendly

About 30% of energy is lost in a traditional duct system. But this system uses no ducts, and prevent that lost energy. In addition to saving you money, this system is better for the environment. Even the refrigerant is better for the environment. The system uses a refrigerant that has no negative impact on the ozone.

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