Top warning signs that your furnace needs repaired

Furnace Repair – Alpharetta

A furnace is one of the most delicate devices that can be dangerous if not handled with care. Any doubt about the working condition of the furnace should lead to immediate calling of a professional or skilled personnel to check. Most of the sign can be seen, heard or smelled. Furnace repair should be carried out by a skillful and experienced at Gus HVAC, but not other repairmen who can bring more problems with it. Some of the signs that may lead to the furnace repair include the following.

Strange noise

A furnace is not completely quiet. However, you may here other strange noises out of the regular sound that may attract your attention. Noise may be due to a loose belt, ignition problem or from any other component which is failing. Any strange sound should be taken into consideration by calling a qualified personnel immediately.

Higher electric bills

This is mostly caused by poor efficiency of the machine. Call a professional at Gus HVAC to rectify the problem for you before you count loses by paying higher bills.

Yellow frames on the pilot

If you happen to find that your pilot light is yellow call a skilled personnel at Gus HVAC. This is caused by poor combustion of gas that may cause more gas to be wasted or leak to the surrounding that is a health hazard.

Delay when starting

This problem is mostly caused by a thermostat that is not working correctly, wiring that is faulty, or any other problem. Report the problem to your service man for a thorough checkup since these delays may cause other problems that you could have prevented earlier.

Strange gas in the surrounding

This is as a result of leaking gas. You should not ignore gas leakage since it can cause a serious problem to you and others. The leaking pipe should be replaced with a new one to ensure maximum safety.

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