Whole Home Air Filter Systems Can Help Relieve Seasonal Allergies

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Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? If you live in Alpharetta, Georgia then you’re probably at an even higher risk for suffering with its humid climate. The thicker air that comes with high humidity can promote the growth of dust mites and other sneeze inducing allergens.

Springtime is notoriously the worst time of the year for allergy sufferers. So, it may make sense to try and lock yourself indoors during springtime when all of the flowers are blossoming and polluting your air with their pollen. However, shutting yourself in can be even worse for your air quality if you don’t have a proper air filtration system in your home. Outdoor allergens have a way of coming in your house and mingling with the pollutants already inside. There are many indoor appliances that put particles into your homes air such as ovens, water heaters, and furnaces.

In order to reduce your in home allergies you need to increase your homes air flow. However, proper ventilation takes more than just leaving your windows open. Installing a whole house home air filter can help keep these allergens at bay, and more importantly, keep you from becoming a stuffy mess. The key here is to make sure it’s a whole home system. Aside from the fact that a single room filter would confine you to your living room, it would not be nearly as effective as a whole home system.

Installing a high quality filter inside of your home will provide you and your family with the quality air you deserve. It can reduce the allergens in your home by up to an astounding ninety-nine percent! An air filter can benefit not only allergen sufferers but also help relieve some symptoms of asthmatics or those who suffer from COPD. Imagine the possibilities if you were not stuck suffering from hay fever!

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