Fight Spring Allergies With A Rheem Media Filter

The warmth of spring comes as a relief to most people after months of harsh winter weather. Yet for those who suffer from allergies, springtime can bring a whole new world of trouble. Fortunately, you can greatly reduce the negative impacts of allergens inside your home through the installation of a quality media filter.

Don’t be tempted to save money by purchasing a budget media filter. These will often fail to deliver the desired results. This article will discuss two key features that set Rheem Exact Fit Media Filters above the rest of the competition.

Deep-Pleat Filters

When it comes to the amount of particulate matter they can hold, all media filters have a finite limit. Eventually a filter will have become so clogged up with debris that it will begin restricting air flow. This results in dirtier air, and a blower system that has to work much harder than it should.

To avoid such problems, you must be vigilant about inspecting and replacing your media filter regularly. Run-of-the-mill budget filters are notorious for their limited capacity. In other words, you will have to install new filters on a regular basis.

A Rheem Exact Fit Media Filter, on the other hand, boasts a much longer functional lifespan. This is a direct result of the deep-pleat filters, which give it a much greater surface area. As a result, a Rheem Exact Fit Media Filter can easily last up to a year before needing to be replaced.

Exact Fit System

Generic air filters have another main drawback when it comes to fit. These filters often suffer from poor design. This means that gaps often occur between the edges of the filter and the media cabinet. Such gaps allow the undesirable phenomenon known as bypass leakage.

Bypass leakage allows a certain percentage of particulate matter to escape filtration. Instead, it ends up in the air of your home. This is especially problematic for those with allergies. Rheem Exact Fit Media Filters are designed to fit snugly and precisely inside of your Rheem air handler, with no unwanted gaps. This will increase your level of protection from springtime allergens.

For more information about equipping your home with a Rheem Exact Fit Media Filter, please contact the pros at Gus HVAC.