The Top 5 reasons to Install a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Experts say that heating and cooling accounts for nearly one half of your energy costs? It can be difficult for the average busier-than-ever family to stay on top of their energy usage, which is a very good reason to take advantage of a Wi-Fi — aka “smart” thermostat to keep those energy costs down to a minimum without stressing about it at all! Here are the 5 of the top reasons to have a wireless Wi-Fi thermostat installed in your home today.

1. You’ll Eliminate Human Error

We all intend to keep an eye on our energy usage and turn the thermostat down at night, make sure doors and windows are caulked, etc., but good intentions don’t always get the job done. We’re human, which means that we make mistakes. A Wi-Fi thermostat will “keep an eye” on your home’s temperatures for you, and it’ll never forget!

2. You’ve Got Instant Access

We’re a connected society, these days, so why shouldn’t we be able to “check in” on our thermostat to see what it’s up to? Smart thermostats are connected to Wi-Fi at home, which means that you can access them with your cell phone or with your computer at work when your programmed schedule won’t work for you that day because you’re planning to leave work earlier than you thought, or you’ll be home later than originally planned because you’re meeting friends for dinner instead.

3. You’ll Save Money and be More Comfortable!

Isn’t saving money what you’re looking to do? Sure it is. But you also want to be comfortable — cool enough when it’s hot outside, and warm enough when it’s not. You’re like Goldilocks. You want it to feel “just right” at “just the right price”. Studies show that you’ll save between 10 and 15% on average by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home. This means that your “smart” thermostat will pay for itself in as little as a couple of years! Meanwhile, your home will be more comfortable while you’re saving money. What more could you ask for?

4. A Wi-Fi Thermostat is More Flexible Than a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a step up from a standard one, but a wireless thermostat is even better. That’s because programmable thermostats limit you to just a few possible “programs”. Wi-Fi thermostats give you hundreds of options. For instance, say you’ll be going golfing on Sunday, planning to watch a game on TV on Saturday, and you’ll be home all day on Friday. You can set up different schedules in advance so your house is warm or cool whenever you need it to be.

5. You’ll be Helping the Planet

Whether you believe that global warming is caused by humans or not, you can’t dispute the science that tells us beyond a shadow of a doubt that the planet is getting warmer. And if heating and cooling are major factors — and science says that they are — then why not minimize your energy consumption through the use of a smart thermostat? The technology’s there, so why not take advantage of it?!

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